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Transformative Solutions Across Industries

At GistLens, we're not just developers; we're problem solvers dedicated to overcoming industry-specific challenges with tailored software solutions.

Discover how GistLens has empowered businesses in various sectors to overcome challenges and achieve success


Engineering Precision for the Manufacturing Industry

The Manufacturing Challenge: In the intricate world of manufacturing, companies often grapple with legacy systems that struggle to interact, impeding operational flow. With critical software needing to communicate effectively, the challenge lies in integrating these powerful but isolated systems.

The GistLens Solution: GistLens answered the call with expert orchestration of a seamless integration process. Our approach was not just about making existing systems communicate; it was about enhancing functionality by filling gaps with custom-developed admin platforms, intuitive labeling systems, and efficient material management tools.

The Outcome: The transformation brought forth a new level of efficiency for our manufacturing client, with integrations that significantly boosted their enterprise software's performance. Our tailored solutions provided the client with an increased level of control and clarity over their operations.

Is your manufacturing system a patchwork of disjointed components?

Let GistLens engineer your software integration for a unified, efficient operation. to forge your path to integrated efficiency.

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Integrating Complex Systems to Streamline Operations and Enhance Efficiency.


Revolutionising Telecom with Future-Ready Solutions

The Telecom Challenge: Our client faced the daunting task of modernising an outdated and end-of-life technology platform. Their old system was cumbersome, costly to maintain, and no longer capable of supporting the innovative functionalities they envisaged for their business's future.

The GistLens Solution: GistLens undertook a comprehensive system redevelopment, transitioning from a defunct tech stack to a robust, supported software platform. We revitalised their online presence with a modern system that not only replicated but enhanced the capabilities of the old, integrating state-of-the-art features and streamlining payment services for operational simplicity.

The Outcome: The transformation was dramatic. The client's new system significantly reduced back-office management costs and dependencies, allowing them to operate efficiently with a leaner team. The integration with Stripe simplified transactions, cutting down on the need for manual processing and enabling seamless, automated invoicing.

Are legacy systems holding you back from industry leadership? Join forces with GistLens to transform your technology and unlock new levels of operational efficiency.

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Upgrading Legacy Systems to Propel Telecommunication Companies into a New Era of Efficiency

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Solar & Energy

Empowering the Solar & Energy Sector with Smart Automation

The Solar & Energy Challenge: Navigating the transition to solar energy can be complex for homeowners. The industry needed a way to demystify the solar purchasing process, making it as enlightening and effortless as the energy source itself.

The GistLens Solution: GistLens crafted an innovative software platform that revolutionises the solar sales journey, incorporating a custom AI for instant roof analysis and an intelligent online system configurator. This solution provides a seamless online experience, offering homeowners a personalised assessment of their solar potential and the ability to tailor solar and battery systems to their specific needs.

The Outcome: With the platform, renewable energy companies can now offer 24/7 service to customers seeking to understand and harness their solar potential. The process of obtaining a tailored solar solution has been transformed from a manual, time-consuming task into an instant, engaging digital experience.

Illuminate your solar sales process with GistLens’ ability to develop smart digital tools.

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Empowering the Solar & Energy Sector with Smart Automation

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Advancing Health Care with Seamless Tech Integrations

The Healthcare Challenge: Healthcare providers faced a cumbersome manual system for patient care requests, leading to delays and errors that impeded timely care.

The GistLens Solution: We rolled out a sophisticated automated triage system that applies extensive clinical rules, offering patients immediate estimates on service timelines. Our innovative scheduling tool organizes healthcare providers' rounds by considering their availability, location, and specialty, maximizing the efficiency of care delivery.

Integration and Empowerment: Our solutions integrate seamlessly with essential third-party tools, ensuring healthcare providers have the latest and most relevant information at their fingertips for every appointment. We're developing an intricate billing solution tailored to handle Medicare subsidies, facilitating cost-effective treatment.

Innovating On-boarding: The automated on-boarding system we're implementing will allow healthcare facilities to quickly integrate new patients into their systems, significantly reducing wait times for crucial medical attention.

The Outcome: These transformative solutions have replaced outdated methods with a high-efficiency model, enhancing both patient care and healthcare providers' productivity.

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Streamlining Care Delivery with Intelligent Technology Solutions


Digital Transformation for Direct Sales: Streamline, Secure, and Accelerate Your Business

In the bustling world of eCommerce, direct sales consultants often juggle multiple tasks, from managing orders to handling payments, all while ensuring a personalized customer experience. The transition from offline to online platforms presents both an opportunity and a challenge.

The Challenge: Consultants were ensnared in an antiquated, manual ordering system fraught with errors and insecurities, needing a modern solution to streamline their operations.

The GistLens Solution: GistLens responded with a robust, GDPR-compliant online ordering and payment system that redefined the direct sales experience, introducing a level of simplicity and security previously unattainable.

The Outcome: The platform not only simplified the ordering process but also introduced a new fundraising feature, enabling consultants to raise funds efficiently. This turnkey solution resulted in a significant reduction in administrative errors, safeguarded financial transactions, and opened up new avenues for business growth.

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Revolutionising eCommerce with Seamless Online Ordering and Fundraising Capabilities

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Blueprint Innovation: Redefining Construction with Green Bench

The construction industry, historically bound to traditional methods, is ripe for digital transformation—particularly in the realm of project planning and drawing management.

The Challenge: Green Bench sought to address the environmental impact and inefficiency of managing vast quantities of A1 drawings on construction sites, a process long overdue for innovation.

The GistLens Solution: Collaborating closely with Green Bench, GistLens engineered the software for a cutting-edge, high-definition interactive plan bench (IPB) technology. This sustainable solution streamlines the viewing and management of A1 drawings, fostering cost and time efficiency.

The Outcome: The Green Bench IPB technology not only enhanced project management but also reduced paper usage, setting a new standard for eco-friendly practices in the construction industry. This paradigm shift is paving the way for a more sustainable future in construction planning.

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Green Bench and GistLens: Pioneering Eco-Efficient Construction Tech

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We at GistLens are committed to turning industry challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.

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