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Engage with GistLens:
A Two-Part Journey to Excellence

At GistLens, we believe that understanding is the key to creating impactful software.


Our engagement process is uniquely designed to ensure we fully grasp your needs and objectives, setting the stage for exceptional software development.

Part 1: Getting the Gist – Your Vision, Our Focus

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Stage 1: Discovery Workshops

Dive deep into the heart of your project with our expert-led Discovery Workshops. Here, we immerse ourselves in your world, exploring everything from strategic intent to the nitty-gritty of your current technology. We look at:


  • Strategic Goals and Market Position
  • Customer Insights and Brand Experience
  • Existing Products, Services, and Capabilities
  • Current Technological Ecosystem
  • Operational Policies, Processes, and Procedures
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Stage 2: Consultation Calls

Following the workshops, we will schedule consultation calls with you to discuss our findings, gain further insights into your objectives, and clarify any queries that may arise. This will help ensure alignment between your vision and our strategy, and facilitate continuous adjustment of our approach as needed.

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Stage 3: Project Planning

Drawing on the insights gained through the workshops and consultation calls, we will craft a project plan.


This plan will outline the milestones, resources, expected outcomes, and timelines, providing a roadmap for the future development of your system.

Part 2: Software Development – Transforming Insights into Impact

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Upon choosing to proceed with GistLens for software development, we embark on a journey of creation. Our software development cycle is a testament to our commitment to quality, innovation, and alignment with your business goals.


From Idea to Implementation:


  • Our team of skilled developers and project managers work closely with you, ensuring that the developed software not only meets but exceeds expectations.
  • We prioritize transparency, keeping you informed at every step of the development cycle.
  • Our agile approach means flexibility and adaptability, accommodating changes and insights as your project evolves.
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Our development phase adapts to your project's unique requirements, utilizing either milestone-based planning for structured workflows or agile sprints for more flexible development.


We focus on crafting software that is not only stable, robust, and performant but also scalable, flexible, maintainable, and secure. User-friendliness and the ability to audit are also key attributes of our software design.

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QA Testing

Quality Assurance is a core part of our development process. We conduct thorough unit and integration testing to ensure the software's quality and reliability.


Following the completion of development, we conduct another round of rigorous testing. The software is then moved to a staging environment for user acceptance testing, ensuring that it meets all your requirements and specifications.

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We believe that effective user adoption is crucial. While our systems are intuitively designed, we also provide comprehensive training. This includes user documentation, video tutorials, or on-site training sessions to facilitate smooth transition and usage of the new systems.

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Deploying the new software is a critical phase where it goes live.


If it's replacing an existing system, we manage the data migration process meticulously to ensure seamless integration and transition.

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Post-deployment, we offer extensive support options. This includes priority bug fixing and assistance with any unfamiliar functionalities.


Additionally, all our software comes with a 12-month warranty for bug fixes, giving you peace of mind and assurance in our commitment to quality and reliability.*


*The 12-month warranty applies exclusively to software developed under fixed-cost agreements

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The GistLens Guarantee

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Quality and precision in every line of code

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Timely delivery and adherence to agreed-upon timelines

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A partnership approach that values your input and feedback

Ready to begin?


Engaging with GistLens is more than just hiring a developer;

It's about forming a partnership that understands and brings your vision to life.


Contact us to start your journey with GistLens - where understanding meets innovation.