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My Order Bag

Launched their e-commerce sales platform for direct sales consultants.

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Direct sales
Newcastle, Australia
Make it easy for direct sales consultants to accept online orders.
B2B / B2C

Technology used:
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For a powerful and flexible front end.
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.NET Core
For a rock-stable back end API.
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For data storage.
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Azure DevOps
For CI/CD.
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For back-end hosting.

My Order Bag is a software platform that allows direct sales consultants to grow their business faster through fundraising and easy online ordering.


Replacing an inefficient process

My Order Bag needed a system that would be powerful, easy to use, scalable, robust, easy to maintain, flexible enough to cope with future needs, and of course be secure and GDPR compliant.

Prior to My Order Bag, direct sales consultants were managing everything offline. Orders would be taken offline, credit card details would be passed to the consultant offline, and the shoppers would browse the catalog offline (or via images online) then write the item code down to give to the consultant. It was time-consuming for everybody involved, prone to errors (consultants would spend a lot of time chasing shoppers due to incorrect credit card details), and insecure.

It was definitely time for something new.

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Online shopping, online payments

My Order Bag allows consultants to host an online event with pre-populated products, where users can shop online.

Payments are made directly from the shopper to the consultant via Stripe Connect.

Consultants get detailed reports about the event, including order summaries and aggregated product totals that are subsequently uploaded to the enterprise ordering system.

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Another use case for My Order Bag is for fundraising events, where the consultant can host an event that raises money for a specific cause. The beneficiary of that cause would then send the link to their supporters, adding their marketing channels to help spread the word.

My Order Bag includes some features specific to fundraising such as a leaderboard of contributors, a progress bar if a fundraising goal has been set.

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I’d been waiting for my organisation to develop an app for a decade. I knew thousands of others were keen to use it too, so I looked into developing it myself. I found Peter from GistLens, who guided me through the process.

Initially I was concerned that I didn’t understand enough about ‘technology’ and I chose to work with GistLens because they’re so patient and explain everything in a way that I understand.

In addition to their patience and excellent communication, I’ve been blown away by their dedication to meeting development goals and timeframes. When they say they’re going to do something, they do it!

I would definitely recommend GistLens! Their commitment has been incredible and their suggestions made the app better than I could have imagined.

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Director - My Order Bag