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Solar Captus

Launched their AI- & ML-driven solar sales platform with a powerful customer experience.

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Newcastle, Australia
Build online solar sales platform that guides users automatically through the process.
B2B / B2C

Technology used:
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For a powerful and flexible front end.
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.NET Core
For a rock-stable back end API.
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For the image analysis and machine learning.
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SQL Server
For data storage.
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Google Cloud Platform
For economical hosting.

Solar Captus is a software platform that automates and streamlines the entire sales process for solar and batteries. The platform integrates seamlessly with clients' websites and provides a friendly, online experience that guides homeowners through the solar buying process in just a few simple steps. The solution combines cutting-edge technology with industry expertise to make handling leads easy.


Instant roof analysis

Solar Captus had the need to perform accurate online roof analysis so that homeowners could get get a realistic assessment of their roof's solar potential. To achieve this the solution involved custom AI software that could compile big data and aerial images to auto-assess properties in seconds. The user enters their address and the software does the rest.


That means, even if it's after hours, Solar Captus software is able to service their clients' customers. People can check their roof’s potential 24/7 from anywhere.

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Online system configurator

Solar Captus needed to give their clients’ customers a tailored price estimate and an overview of their savings via an online system configurator. By asking just a few simple questions about a home's energy use, the online platform guides the user to select the right solar and battery system for their home. The configurator allows the user to customise a preferred system by choosing from a range of solar products and battery systems without needing to have any prior knowledge.

It can then easily be adjusted at any time by the user to their specific budget and preferences. This allows Solar Captus to save their clients’ time, because solar installers and energy providers no longer need to send PDF quotes back and forth to the customer manually.

 Solar Captus System Configurator 3cd0b22eca F5dc319a61.jpg


Online home assessment

As part of the online home assessment, the Solar Captus platform asks the user to answer a set of questions and upload a few photos of their property. This additional step makes it easy for solar installers and energy providers to collect all the necessary information on a customer’s property, without encountering the additional expense of having someone do an unnecessary site visit.

 Solar Captus Home Assessment 0164ebd7a7 239fe43b3f.jpg


Advanced customer segmentation and retargeting

Part of the software solution for Solar Captus also involved customer segmentation via a AI-driven model, and automated regargeting capabilities to ensure best fit for their clients' marketing campaigns.

Peter, our solution architect, has some incredible talents to persist and make things work, carefully listen to new ideas, assess these on their potential and adapt if necessary. This led to an incredible product that we have developed today.

I can recommend Peter from GistLens both as a startup co-founder and a highly experienced software developer to anyone who’s looking for a complementary developer.

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Jelmer van Rooij
CEO - Solar Captus